Designed for Enjoyment

------------------------(Site Updated: June, 2017)------------------------

Hi, I'm BobiJo*. I am really excited about being out here on the Web, and welcoming you to my site. I plan to use this site to share original writings that you might enjoy reading.

For example, I have had a really interesting life thus far, so I could share some of my Life Stories. Thinking you might enjoy reading these encourages me to write them.

The humorous experiences I have had with my cat will be in Meow Stories.

I have some Poems & Songs that I wrote many years ago which I can make available here.

Also important to me are my Life Perspectives, in which I can share some of my philosophical and inspirational writings, and thoughts about current topics of interest.

I hope you will enjoy my site, and that you will come back often to look for new additions.

Thanks for visiting,


*(A search will bring up many different people who have a first name or user-id of BobiJo. To clarify who I am, my full name is Bobbie Johannes, and my nickname is BobiJo.)