The Sub-Sub Tunnels

Of Hunter Uptown

Hunter College has a campus in the Bronx, originally called ‘Hunter Uptown’, to distinguish it from ‘Hunter College’ in Manhattan. The campus in the Bronx (now called Lehman College) has some underground tunnels that connect a few buildings, and beneath these are the "sub-sub tunnels", which connect all the buildings, and are used during inclement weather. I was there in the early 60’s, which was when we were all terrified of nuclear war, and these "sub-sub tunnels" were our air-raid shelter.

In this world we have our troubles, sometimes lonesome, sometimes blue

There’s no time to sit and talk; there is no time for me and you

People are just hurrying, as busy as can be

And students are all struggling to get that lousy "C"

They never stop to listen, and they never stop to sing,

But just think what simple pleasures a World War 3 would bring


Oh, in the sub-sub tunnels of Hunter Uptown,

In the sub-sub tunnels, way underground

Oh, in the sub-sub tunnels when the air-raid sirens sound

In the sub-sub tunnels of Hunter Uptown

In World War II they had their blackouts, when the bombs were dropping down

Man stopped his hurrying, his running ‘round the town

Then Man got to know his neighbor - he got to know his friend

He held his frightened lover, and he loved her ‘til the end

Now we poor ‘blackout babies’ are more restless and more scared

We forget the natural harmony those ‘blackout lovers’ shared

And yet there is a chance for us – the time for us has come

If they’ll only drop a bomb or two, to the shelters we can run


When we get there we’ll relax, forget about our ranks

Freshman, Seniors, even teachers will give up their childish pranks

We will learn to love each other, to respect each other too

And I’ll see that what is right for me, may not be right for you

We’ll let each man determine the kind of life he’ll lead

And let each group decide what government they’ll heed

Though our children may be never born, we’ll all be born again

In our shelter from a shattered world, where Man could not love Men