L'Chaim (To Life)

As I watch the birds at sunrise, so many, so driven
        They make the trees sing
And each bird a small life, and a relatively short life

I have watched as they struggle to survive
        To work to fulfill what they are here to do

They compete for food
        They work to build a nest
They hatch their young and protect the nest
        They teach their young to fly and to find food

They Sing with Joy
        They screech with fear
They Soar the sky
        And they Struggle to survive
And Work to fulfill what they are here to do

Why? For what purpose or meaning
        Are all these small creatures
Striving, Striving
        Throughout their short lives?

Since I do not know, I ask a Higher Power
        And the answer I get is a question: "What meaning have these lives to you?"

To me, each of these birds,
        And their collective impact
Means and is Life
        And embodies the Spirit and Meaning of what Life is

As I watch the birds at sunrise
        I am in awe of these small beings
Of the mass of them
        In the singing trees

And my heart is full
        With the Joyful, Loving, Awesome
Power of Life
        Of being alive

How strange for me to think that Life has no other purpose
        Than Life itself?
For the small short Life of the bird to be filled with Effort
        Just so other beings can Live and Struggle
Can Sing and Soar?

And do I hope and believe
        That someday Life will be
All Peace and Love
        Devoid of Strife?

What is the good of Resting
        If there has been no exertion?
How do I know all is Calm
        If I have never been in a Storm?

Life is Struggle, and Life is Joy
Life is Pain, and Life is Love
Life is Loss, and Life is Discovery
Life is Hard, and Life is Easy
Life is War, and Life is Peace
Life is in us, and Life is in Others
Life is Chaos, and Life is Harmony
Life is Complex, and Life is Simple
Singly we are weak, Together we are strong

We screech in Fear,
        And fight to preserve our Selves
And Together
        We make the trees sing

Life is Contrast
Life is Choice
Life is Effort
Life Is

May all living beings be better in tune with one another
May we find - May we Create - A Balance in our Lives
That each year is a little more Peaceful and Loving
And Filled with a Little more Joy


By BobiJo   5757   09/23/96